Know the Ancient Egyptians Wifi, Helicopters and Airplanes?

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Prohibited Egyptology

Currently, the entrance to the Great Pyramid of Cheops, one of the seven wonders of the world, the public is prohibited. The reason for this action is related to the ancient Egyptians and by reference to the first technical and scientific step of humanity. Safely we know that the most educated individuals from the time of the pharaohs, thus primarily sovereigns and high-ranking priests knew electricity and even They left mine uranium ore (experts from the US Space Office Space Administration believe that inside the pyramid hides likely energy equivalent to the power of the atomic bomb) . But how could almost before the pharaohs 5,000 years ago, using advanced technology to normal nowadays?

Erdogan writer Ercivan in this exciting publication, above all doubt demonstrates that thousands of years already consecrated individuals possess knowledge truly rediscovered only in the modern era, whether by genetic engineering or the use of radio emission. Čítavosť text, extensive knowledge, documentary and accuracy and honesty of the author’s approach promoted Prohibited Egyptology at the global bestseller.