The Upcoming „Cosmic Threat“ Campaign Will Be a Lie

6 254 ViewsDr. Carol Rosin was the first woman in the function of corporate manager of Fairchild Industries and also was the spokeswoman for Wernher Von Braun in his last years of life. She established the “Institute for Security and Cooperation in Outer Space” in Washington and she had many occasions to speak before the congress about […]


The Head of the Company Apple Claims to have Seen an iPhone in a Painting cca 350 Years Ago

3 622 ViewsThe head of the company Apple claims to have seen an iPhone in a painting cca 350 years ago. During a conference last Tuesday in the Startup Fest Europe in Amsterdam, Apple CEO Tim Cook and former Dutch politician and European Commissioner Neelie Kroes they shared an anecdote that happened the day before. The […]