The Head of the Company Apple Claims to have Seen an iPhone in a Painting cca 350 Years Ago

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The head of the company Apple claims to have seen an iPhone in a painting cca 350 years ago.

During a conference last Tuesday in the Startup Fest Europe in Amsterdam, Apple CEO Tim Cook and former Dutch politician and European Commissioner Neelie Kroes they shared an anecdote that happened the day before.

The two attended the Rijksmuseum, the National Museum of Amsterdam, when Kroes pointed to a 1670 painting titled ”A man handing a letter to a woman in a hall”, a work by Pieter de Hooch. As they watched the painting, the European Commissioner asked a Cook when they invented the first iPhone.

“By chance Tim, where and when invented the iPhone?” Said Kroes.

Cook was speechless at seeing a man in the painting holding what appeared to be an iPhone.
“It’s hard to see, but I swear it’s there!” Said Cook. “Last night, Neelie took me to see some works of Rembrandt, and one of the pictures had an iPhone in one of the paintings.”