Mysterious Coins of Unknown Origin (Video)

6 550 ViewsI leave to your criteria, draw their own conclusions. A group of people who worked on the renovation of a house in southern Egypt found a number of very rare coins. They are unique in its kind that curiously have no images of a strange human figure. So far no one could explain the […]


I Have Been Saying for Years That:“Planet X“ Is Real – It Is a Giant Spaceship! Anunnaki ship!

16 782 ViewsEruption Begins at Zhupanovsky Volcano in Russia’s Far East According to the Kamchatka Volcanic Eruption Response Team, Zhupanovsky Volcano could yield ash explosions reaching heights of six to eight kilometers above sea level. “Moderate activity of the volcano continues. Gas-steam plume was noted on the height up to 4 km a.s.l. Moderate fumarole activity […]


VIDEO: Were ancient civilizations in contact with extraterrestrial civilizations?

13 668 ViewsJoin us as the secrets of alien technology are unsealed. A global effort has begun — Secret files hidden from the public for decades, Detailing every ufo account, are now available to the public. We are about to uncover The truth behind these classified documents. Find out what the government doesn’t want you to […]