The Bermuda Triangle: Flight 513.

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Flight 513: The plane took off in 1954 in Germany and landed in Brazil in 1989 with dead passengers
The Bermuda Triangle is one of the world’s most famous conspiracy theories and an important element in ideas about the supernatural. It was first found at sea, but later rumors and stories about the Bermuda Triangle were transferred to airspace. A particularly mysterious story is that of Santiago Flight 513, which took off in 1954 and landed in 1989 with dead passengers.

Flight 513 Santiago started its journey from Aachen, Germany on September 4, 1954. There were 88 passengers and four crew members on board. It was supposed to be an ordinary flight like any other. However, at some point when the plane got over the Atlantic, the control units stopped working and the control tower lost all contact with the plane.
Everything changed on October 12, 1989, 35 years later. An unannounced Santiago plane lands in the Brazilian city of Porto Alegro. But there was a catch, this company stopped flying in 1956, two years after the plane disappeared. The airport staff were in shock, although they approached the whole matter cautiously, they had no idea what was going to happen next.

Immediately after the plane landed, the plane’s employees went to him. The sight they met upon entering the deck literally took their breath away. Instead of passengers and crew, there were 92 skeletons on board. Everyone was in their seats, including the pilots and flight attendants. At the time, the situation made no sense to the employees. They did not understand what they were witnessing.
The police were immediately called to the scene and an investigation began. The whole situation caused considerable debate among the Brazilian authorities, who tried to cover up the whole situation. The whole story thus became a conspiracy theory for a long time. Until the scientist Dr. Celsko Atello with an explanation, the plane most likely got into a time loop.

However, Atello could not explain what happened to the people on board the plane. An even bigger mystery is how the dead pilot, or rather his skeleton, managed to land the plane at the airport. Many journalists, researchers and the curious demanded the Brazilian government to release the documents of the investigation of the entire case. However, the authorities did not act on this. The only information they confirmed was that the plane actually took off in 1954 and landed in 1989. We will probably never learn more about this mysterious case.