VIDEO: Mysterious Beings – Aliens.

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In a lecture at the Meta Tech Org. Conference, B. Robertson spoke on the subject: Secret Earth Activities of Some Extraterrestrial Groups, Especially the Markabs, Towards Takeover of Full Control over the Earth. Among other things, he spoke of the fact that over the last fifty years, at least 200,000 Markabians have been secretly immigrated to the country, trained as young civil servants, secret service agents, armed forces and police officers, entrepreneurs and financiers. The whole event was highly concealed not only before the Congress and the US Senate, but also before the world and the Great Galactic Council. The mission of this Marxian extraterrestrial contingent may well be the creation of a “fifth column”, destined to gradually conquer the Earth planet to connect the Earth as the eighth planet to the Markabian federation.

I do not have the authenticity of this information irreversibly confirmed, but the indices available are clearly in favor of its credibility. The significance of this information lies primarily in indicating the origin, mode of infiltration and mission of these “black passengers” of the planet Earth. It must be admitted that these Markrabians have their right identity very thoroughly and they seem to be successfully hiding and skillfully using the modern technology of disinformation and manipulation of information. Sometimes they call themselves the Sirians, sometimes Orion Empire, then Deros, but the Galactic Central Government calls them the only name “Markabbi,” and we still do not know much about their origin and intentions. It is certain that he belongs to one of the most powerful militant groups of the Sirians, probably having close genetic links to the civilization of the Vega system.

The production of human clones was acquired in 1977 according to the alien technology (Markabian-Sirians) at the University of Utah (Salt Lake City) research laboratories. The world learned about it the same year when American television and television scientists and camera attendees the original man and his clone were shown. The session was interrupted at the command of the government and was never repeated. The actual production of clones takes place at the Mount Hood underground base (about 60 miles east of Portland) and has the character of biological manufacturing. The production of a fully grown human clone (replicator) lasts about 14 months (today it is reportedly a shorter period), but must take place in artificial mammals stored in locations with a stable geomagnetic field and must meet other specified properties.

In American underground literature, the Illuminati and their secret (gray) unpopulated government, which are in parallel with the official government appointed by the elected president, are often referred to in various contexts. Until recently, the existence of this secret government had been doubted until the high-ranking retired officials began talking about the secret government underground Mount Weather complex. Only a very small number of Americans and members of Congress are aware of the existence of this mysterious

underground government base built deep within the Mount Weather at Bluemont in Virginia, just 74 miles from Washington DC. The Base Underground, also known as the Western Virginia Office of Controlled Conflict Operations (WVOCCO), is hidden not only in hard granites but also thoroughly hidden. In March 1976, The Progressive Magazine published an astonishing article titled The Mysterious Mountain. The rapporteur, Richard Pollock, was based on information based on the Senate Subcommittee inquiry committee report, interrogation records, and several confidential interviews with officials previously associated with Mount Weather. His report and article at The Time Magazine, 1991, called Doomsday Hideaway, gave a lot of information about what really is in the underground of Mount Weather. Ted Gup, writing for The New York Times, describes the underground base as follows:

“Mount Weather is an independent Federal Emergency Management Agency underground facility (FEMA). This facility is an operating center for approximately 100 other federal relocation centers located mostly in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina. Together, this network of underground facilities is the backbone of the US program “Continuity of Government.” In the case of nuclear war, or the declaration of martial law, or other cases of national emergency, I have to relocate the Wahington President and his Cabinet, and the rest of the executive forces would be ” resettled “.

Pollock’s report contains stunning information about the base staff. In this underground city, according to data from former senior officials of the base, a secret (gray) government of the United States is stationed. Information from high state resources, Pollock has only been given the promise of adhering to the str