Videos: Alien Skull and Alien Skeleton discovered!!! The DNA proof this Extraterrestrial Skull is real.


2 880 ViewsThe DNA proof this Extraterrestrial Skull is real. Aliens have been visiting earth for a very long time. Carbon dating of the StarChild Skull puts this extraterrestrial in a remote area of Mexico 900 years ago!!! Anthropologist Renato Riquelme said that the mummy is 50 centimeters tall, has a triangular head with larger than [&helli

Aliens and ancient Egypt part1.


5 155 ViewsOne of the most recen accounts of possible interaction between egyptians and extraterrestrials comes from the tulli papyrus. According to reports, the tulli papyrus was discovered in a cairo antique shop by alberto tulli, a director of the vatican museum’s egyptian studies. The messages’ alleged translation reveals a shocking accoun

Aliens. Secret Archives KGB .Russian Secret Book.


20 449 ViewsRussian Secret Book. Over the years, the book has been replenished, were added to the UFO photographs, as well as photographs and witnesses abducted (especially children), but also statistics. And much more! In the 80s he was found a copy of this book in the field in Buryatia (East Siberia). This copy of the […]

The mysteries of the Siberian “Valley of Death” Siberian UFO.part1.


15 737 ViewsAcross a vast area of ​​sparsely populated Yakutia in Siberia, we find strange metal structures and evidence of devastating explosions similar to nuclear explosions that recur every six or seven centuries. In northwestern Yakutia in Siberia, in the basin on the upper reaches of the Viljuj River, there is a hard-to-reach area that s

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