Aliens and ancient Egypt part1.

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One of the most recen accounts of possible interaction between egyptians and extraterrestrials comes from the tulli papyrus.

According to reports, the tulli papyrus was discovered in a cairo antique shop by alberto tulli, a director of the vatican museum’s egyptian studies.

The messages’ alleged translation reveals a shocking account of unidentified visitors over the sands of ancient egyp more than 3,500 years ago.

After several days had passed, they became more numerous in the sky than ever.

They shined in the sky, more than the brightness of the sun.

Powerful was the position of the fiery disks.

”the tulli papyrus describes fiery disks that were flying through the sky.

What do we call these now? We call these ufos, and i almost looked like an alien fleet, that extraterrestrials were flying over the skies of ancient egypt.

Many believe these fiery disks could be the arrival of alien beings depicted in the temple of hathor.

If this is true, then we have an actual documented account of ufos descending upon ancien egypt.

And on top of that, we could have evidence of technology thousands of years ahead of its time.

Is it possible that what we thought of as gods were in fac extraterrestrials that the ancient egyptians were communicating with? And if so, then why were they here? And what did they want from us? Coming up next, the answer to these mysteries could reveal the greatest alien secrets in human history and uncover the tomb of an ancient ruler known to some as the alien king.