Skeletons of Giants Were Discovered Around the World (Video)


All over the world have been found many giants skeletons. Are they real or no? Why we do not have evidence? Do the governments conceal it? The Bible has many references to the giants – and those are fake? Or really lived on earth these giant creatures? What do you think?

Genesis 6:4 – ‘There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown’.

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NEW VIDEO: A shining UFO registered in Slovakia. 5.10.13 August. 2018.


A Slovak citizen has documented a mysterious glowing object floating in the sky on the film. The author of the recording claims that he witnessed an absolutely unprecedented phenomenon, which is why he made available his video on the web to learn about alternative opinions about what he saw.

Common sense suggests that the figure seen in the film is just the sun. However, it is worth considering the rather unusual shape of this object, which resembles a geometric figure, in this case a diamond. Almost immediately, there were voices that this luminous object is a plane or other civilian flying vehicle, but the way it moves in the sky seems to exclude it.

The quality of the video leaves a bit to be desired, and the effect of a shaky hand never helps in a reliable assessment of this type of phenomena. If it were not for the huge light emission visible on the film, this unidentified object could be considered a civilian drone that flew behind the tree recorded by the witness. However, if we are actually dealing with an unidentified flying object, then the amount of light generated by this flying saucer is at least puzzling.

Martin Mikuš

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Anunnaki History: Anunnaki themselves were Titans!


Since the Anunnaki themselves were human Titans / were much larger than humans /, the giants Nephilim were born from the union of man and Anunnaki. Nephilim means in the language of the Old Hebrews “fallen
he “Gods” were happy …

They created us for our image. Only the length of time did not give us the wine. The Old Sumerian texts and the Bible, which came into existence a long time later, show that only a few were gifted with it …

Records also say that people, children of gods, have been loved by them. “In their latest articles (Science, Nature), Zecharia Sitchin also points out that” Sumer-Akadian texts such as Enuma Elish (the so-called Babylonian epic of creation), not There are no mythological fairy tales, but records that point to a deliberately classified, higher knowledge. ”

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VIDEO: Alien clone – Gray alien baby.


Will humanity be a clone population one day? Scientists are now trying to create dense and functional cellular tissues that could survive outside of our planet. NASA would like to eliminate the health risks of crews who would participate in longer flights into space in the future. The task of the medical experiment is to provide instant human organs. They would ideally be grown on Mars.

Bioengineers will try to make miraculous tissue, which would be the basis of functional organs, to grow in lab conditions. The basis for future success is to create at least a centimeter of gross tissue whose 85 percent of cells could survive for at least 30 days.

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The old coin shows UFO and alien.


Were they experiencing both the UFO phenomenon and the old Romans? Could they have contacts with aliens? It does not seem so impossible. For archeologists, however, it is a great mystery of the coin from the time of the reign of Emperor Publio Helvia Pertinax. He held the highest post for only three months of 193 AD, but he managed to get his hands on the coinage.

o date, very few have been preserved, are therefore considered rare and valuable specimens of historical collections. One of these coins was made in Syria (this country once belonged to the Roman Empire, like Palestine), and is now exhibited in the Italian city of Alba. And what’s so striking for Publia Helvia coin scientist?

Among other things, the woman, which covers her hands to the sky, is captured on the flying round object. This strange object certainly is not a star or any other natural cosmic body. It’s a kind of flying sphere with four asymmetric rays, very much like an artificial satellite with antennas. And the mystery is even more mysterious – moreover, experts have found, in more detail, that there is a special kind of light effect around the object.

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