PHOTOS AND VIDEOS: Ancient astronauts-Anunnaki Ship-Nibiru. They Travel Through This Galaxy By Way Of A Planet Ship Named Nibiru: The Mother Ship.

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Huge “Ezekiel’s Wheel” Type UFO Spotted In Our Solar System By STEREO A Camera. February 29, 2020
SOHO probe Registers Giant UFO by the Solar System

everal UFO researchers claim to have seen a large UFO navigating our Solar System, thanks to the images transmitted by NASA’s SOHO probe. Experts pointed out that the supposed alien ship, which is visible in the immediate vicinity of the Earth

The video we show you is really interesting and shows a huge unidentified circular spatial object, with a diamond-shaped center that moves in the solar system. Is this the alien ship that was in Jupiter?

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Ancient astronauts (or ancient aliens) refers to the idea that intelligent extraterrestrial beings …. Sitchin contended the Anunnaki were active in human affairs until their culture was … Pacific: cultures who believed various Western ships and their cargo to be sent from the gods as fulfillment of prophecies concerning their return.

The Anunnaki is an ancient Sumerian term which was given to the beings who came down to earth and pro-created (BARA) homo sapiens.
Anunnaki translates as “those who Anu sent from heaven to earth”

They were also called NEPHILIM meaning “To fall down to Earth, to land”
ELOHEEM in the bible meaning “These Beings”.

In ashuric/syriac (arabic) they are called Jabaariyn meaning “the mighty ones”
In Aramic (hebrew) Gibborim meaning “The Mighty or Majestic ones”

They are also called NETERU which is an Egyptian term for Anunnaki
They are an elite race of beings who came from the 8th planet RIZQ in the 19th Galaxy ILLYUWN.

They travel through this galaxy by way of a planet ship named Nibiru: The Mother ship.

Nibiru was originally on a 25,920 year orbit called AAMS which was the distance from RIZQ to the planet Earth. Since the Anunnaki relocated to ORION it would now take them 3,600 years to travel to earth. This new orbit is called a SHAR.

And the rest, 300, the IGIGI stayed in and manned the craft MURDOQ or Nibiru also called MERKABAH. The Anunnaki were acting as intermediaries between earth and Nibiru.
They stayed in Earth’s orbit because they were to deliver the process gold to the spaceships that would be stored on the dark side of Sheshqi (the moon) and Lahmu (mars).

This is where they constructed and loaded 30 mile long cylinder shaped crafts and transported gold and other resources back to their home planet RIZQ.