SDO Space Telescope records huge “rectangular object” that emerges from the Sun.

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An image of the observatory SDO – Solar Dynamics Observatory of NASA and loaded in Helioviewer (visualization tool of solar and heliosferic images) on 2 September 2017, showed an anomaly on the Sun, more precisely a huge rectangular object that seemed to emerge from the Sun.

The anomaly was clearly visible and well defined. After 2 years, the analyzes carried out on the video recordings of the SDO spatial telescope show, at the top and on the right side of the Sun, a huge object that seems to be framed on our star. The researchers have established that this is not a solar phenomenon, but neither is it a pixelation defect in the photographs. An object with too sharp contours and which occupies a space of thousands and thousands of km.

In short, a real rectangle that emerges from the back of the Sun. Is it perhaps a dimensional portal, a real entrance for alien spaceships, or a drawback of the SDO probe camera? This mysterious rectangular structure is completely out of place and does not represent any defect in photography.

According to researcher Nassim Haramein, a singularity occurs almost once a week on the Sun, namely the creation and consequent opening of a black hole (worm hole). Multi-dimensional extraterrestrial civilizations that want advanced access in our solar system, with black holes as large as the Earth or even larger, can do so by exploiting the STARGATE of our Sun. According to Nassim Haramein, all celestial bodies have their black hole and even the Earth in its interior possesses one somewhere.

source:A cura della Redazione Segnidalcielo