VIDEOS: Reptoids (Reptiles, Dragons, Lizards) Evidence!

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Reptilians are the creation of Carian, their parent race. They evolved on a planet in the constellation Alpha Draconis in the constellation Orion. Regent lines are Draconian Reptilian, winged dragons. The name of the royal line of Aln home. It’s not spelled exactly, but it’s close. It’s more or OLN Ahln. However, the council asked me to spell it Aln as the awareness of inaccuracies.

Reptilové have two main sub-races. They are known as the Winged Snakes and Lizards some nazávani Saurians.

According to enthusiasts, UFOs and extraterrestrials, there are about 82 different species of extraterrestrials visiting or residing on Earth. From these different species, Reptilians are largely prevalent and were found in different texts, or works of art and literature. Usually these reptiles have scaly skin green color, their eyes are large black and yellow possibly emit hideous body odor. Here are some evidence confirming the occurrence of reptiles between us.

According to several mythical texts, Reptilians hates the human race and the previously hid in lakes and climbed to the surface only to be plundered villages. Many people are considered as demons