Planet X-Nibiru Is Not a Planet However a Large Spaceship Beings Anunnaki


8 389 ViewsIraqi Minister admits that Nibiru and aliens ANUNNAKI the information The Iraqi Transport Minister, throughout his go to to Dhigar Dhi Qar, mentioned that Dhi-Qar was the primary airport ever to exist when it claimed that this primary airport was in-built Iraq 7,000 years in the past by historical Sumers when it was mentioned [&hell

Nostradamus Is Quoted as Saying Mankind Would Discover a Machine in Space That Was Sent to Us by the Aliens in 2018! Oumuamua?


5 042 ViewsInterstellar Visitor:Scientists Have Detected An ‘Organic Shell’ That Hides Its True Shape Oumuamua is the interstellar object that passed through the Solar System back in October, but now scientists think that the object might not be what it first appears to be. The object might have an organic coat that is able to mask […]