Planet X-Nibiru Is Not a Planet However a Large Spaceship Beings Anunnaki

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Iraqi Minister admits that Nibiru and aliens ANUNNAKI the information
The Iraqi Transport Minister, throughout his go to to Dhigar Dhi Qar, mentioned that Dhi-Qar was the primary airport ever to exist when it claimed that this primary airport was in-built Iraq 7,000 years in the past by historical Sumers when it was mentioned that the traditional aliens of Anunnaki airports used exploration of the universe and found Pluto.

Kazem Finjan: “Many individuals dangle Dhi Qar, I don’t even know that the primary ever constructed airport on planet Earth 5000 years earlier than the Christian period was constructed right here in Dhi Qar.

If you don’t imagine me, learn the guide by the nice historian Zecharia Sitchin, who was an knowledgeable on Sumerian research, learn Samuel Kramer’s guide or a guide about this written by G. G. Wells: Historical past begins with Sumer. He spoke of the primary airport constructed on the planet that was right here.“

Kazem Finjan: “That is the most secure place for take-off and touchdown of plane, as there are not any meteorological components limiting the maneuverability of plane at Dhi Qar. And never simply above the airport – the sky in every single place above Dhi Qar is protected for the plane, as a result of there are not any unfavourable meteorological phenomena right here. The ambiance of Dhi Qar is constructive.

From right here the Sumerian spacecraft flew to the opposite planets. The Sumerians had been the primary who found the 12th planet, which yesterday confirmed NASA named Nibiru that its orbit across the solar completes each three,600 years. “

That is what the Iraqi Minister of Transport has mentioned and it’s clear to all of us that this minister is aware of what he’s speaking about and that this confirms the existence of aliens and the idea of historical aliens. About this gentle discovery apparently by no means formally talking, that is most likely as a result of those that imagine the federal government has nonetheless lingering views in “darkness”.