Tisulsky Princess — Girl in a Casket — Age of Burial According to the Professor Is at Least 800 Million Years Old!

7 857 ViewsTisulsky Princess — Girl in a casket  Age of burial according to the professor is at least 800 million years old! In the near future, russian scientists publish their findings, and that the scientific world will plunge into shock. Age burial, according to the professor, at least 800 million years old! This refutes the Darwinian […]


New Tomb Discovered in Turkey! (Videos)

25 461 ViewsThis amazing discovery would be incredible and historic enough just by virtue of the fact of its being located in Turkey and suggesting that Queen Nefertiti fled with a small band of followers and escaped her husband’s fate at the hands of the corrupt Amun Priesthood. Please follow and like us:20

Cryptozoology Montana Bigfoot project MYSTERY

A Classic interview I did with Wes Germer, the main man from the tremendously popular Bigfoot encounter show Sasquatch Chronicles!

12 028 ViewsInterview with the creator of “Sasquatch Chronicles” about his evolution as an experiencer into someone doing their own data gathering, and the 1-2,000 experiencers who he has interviewed, and how his opinion on what is really going on has evolved over time and with the addition of ever more information from eye witnesses.   […]