ANCIENT: Baalbek Temple Complex.

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There are a number of local legends associated with the Baalbek

The complex was built by Giants at Nimrods request and was called the ‘Tower of Babel’.?
It was built by King Solomon, with Djinns assistance, as a palace for the Queen of Sheba.?

Zecharia Sitchin proposed the theory that the base on which the temple of Jupiter was built on, was in fact remnants of the original construction and that it had been built many thousands of years before the Romans arrived. Sitchins theory proposed the original base structure had been used as a landing / launch pad by a space faring race, the memory of which has been lost to the mists of time.

Having been the son of the goddess Ninsun and the high priest of Uruk, Gilgamesh was considered not just a demigod but ‘two thirds divine’.