Ahnenerbe was Occult Office of the Third Reich Founded in 1935 (Video)

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Mysterious expedition to Tibet
Himmler sent immediately to the three Tibetan expedition (in 1931, 1934 and 1938).
He is searching for hundreds of years hidden library of Tibetan wise men, spiritual sacred places and especially
remains of extinct Indo-Aryan civilization. Apparently some group had Schäferová
success. At the end of April 1938 expedition reached the Forbidden City Lhasa
Which it is inaccessible to foreigners.

Not only were the men Schafer let in on, but the monks said they willingly showed ichnajvzácnejšie writings.
The expedition returned to Germany with a complete edition of Tibetan posvätnýchtextov Kangyur, patterns and Mandalas other ancient texts, including one documenting
Aryan race. Schäferlater found application in Ahnenerbe