How is even possible that on the Earth were discovered 280 million years old screws?

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In ancient times, when the dinosaurs did not live on Earth, there were surprisingly different technical ups and downs.

How else would you explain the finding of nearly 300 million years old screws or induction coils and strange metal balls that were found in Russia some time ago?

The prehistoric bolt found an expedition that searched for a meteorite in the Kaluga area. Geologists, to their great surprise, discovered a piece of stone in which the bolt literally grew, and it was walled in 280 million years.

In May 2009, near Saraksejevo, stone was used as a building material. One of the pieces was too large and would not go into the masonry.

So the bricklayers broke it and did not trust his own eyes. Inside, he found a fastener that definitely had nothing to do with it.