PHOTOS: El Salvador: A donkey is born with the face of people.

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Do you think this is possible?
In a town, in the department of the Union in El Salvador, people are surprised after a donkey was born with the face of people.

And even if they do not believe it, Central American media assure the reality of the news and that would be the story:

Juan Antonio Zacarías is the name of the subject who claims to be the father of a small donkey who was given the name “Milagro José”. Apparently the mother of the creature belongs to her neighbor, but according to Don Juan Antonio had been having sex with her for several years, “I was the one who bathed and took care of her, the owner did not love her, that’s why we fell in love and as a result of that “Miracle José” was born, my only son, “says the peasant of the municipality of Anamoròs.

But the incredible story is not only there, the alleged father of the child says he will go to the end to prove his paternity “I am finding out if I should go to the Attorney General to have my DNA tested, I will fight because my son has the same rights of any child “, says Don Zacarías.

Neighbors of the sector affirm that the creature is an abomination of the devil who already heard him say the word “Dad”.

The resemblance of “Burritoniño” with a human face is impressive, judge yourselves. The owner of the donkey would not give statements about it.