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For over a century, people have watched Clouds, mists, lights, and strange objects on the Moon. But gradually, as the Apollo program was implemented, the competent people began to convince us that the Moon is dead.

The suspicion is that of the 140,000 photos of the Moon’s surface, only a few hundred were published. By the late 1960s, when people first walked on the Moon, people thought it was the beginning of a series of visits and research of our silver guide. But other spaceships with crew were flying only until 1972.

The expeditions were abruptly and without explanation interrupted. Three more prepared ships have not started yet. In 1995, Americans sent a ship without crew to the moon, scanned by electronic apparatus. But it was not NASA, but the US Army. Thousands of photos she sent to Earth were not published.

Zveřejnil(a) UFO.-kruhy v obili a ine zahady dne Pátek 21. července 2017

Over the last decades, a lot of facts have accumulated about the moon, that without exaggeration it can be said that there is something or something there. And not just that. The moon has water, atmosphere and plants. These long-known facts are acknowledged by scientists only today. Many of us today also worry about why the initial euphoria of the Russians and Americans of the Moon has changed unexpectedly. As if somebody ordered them to return to the Moon …

George Leonard, a particularly curious man, has taken official NASA photos and submitted his analysis. The government is concealing the fact that the high-developed underground civilization „enhances“ the surface of the Moon and is heavily engaged in mining work. Leonard wrote a book that also contains 35 photos from the NASA archive, the list and identification numbers of all photographs, From the photographs,

Leonard discovered a wide variety of „monthly activities“ that, when they exist, can be attributed exclusively to the intelligence of extraterrestrials. In addition to the photographs, the book also contains a NASA document tower, including scientists‘ testimonies and interviews between astronauts and the Houston control center.

At the end of the 1970s, everything showed that evidence of great significance would soon become available. But so far they have not become accessible. Instead, the public is fed with insignificant photographs.