Five Neolithic Stone Spheres Still Shocks Scientists – Are They of Extraterrestrial Origin?

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The five stone objects are not spheres, but rather platonic solids, thus rovnostěnné formations. The problem is that they are 5000 years old, and their purpose remains unclear.

Stone balls are one of the greatest archaeological mysteries today.

They have been found in Scotland, Ireland and England. Their surface is dotted with small protruding points.

In some locations, there are only three, in other locations thay can number one hundred sixty. The total number overall stands at four hundred and fifty.

 The balls are about as large as an orange. Their age ranges from the Neolithic to the Bronze Age. Some are obviously piktského origin.

Scientists believe that there may still be many more to be found, possibly hundreds. The existing ones were divided into three categories based on their design: spirals, concentric circles and all other patterns.

What remains a mystery is the purpose for which they were created.

According to some researchers, these spheres suggest that people already in the stone age and iron age had knowledge of all five Platonic objects, which is far before Plato himself described Platonic forms.

An interesting theory says that the stones could have been used in the construction of large megalithic structures. By using these stones, large blocks could be moved to their destination.

In this way, large stone blocks may have been transported to the same location, and later the larger stone blocks erected in a stone circle, like was done in Aberdeenshire.

The balls would have apparently been used together in large numbers.

However, there are other theories, according to which the balls are, for example, evidence of advanced knowledge from people with expertise in geometry and other sciences.

As of now, scientists do not know the exact purpose for these hundreds, maybe thousands of stone balls.