The Strange Phenomenon of Russian Villages, Opened the Portal to Another Dimension?

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Over Russian towns Trockaja managed to shoot a strange phenomenon in the sky. People think that it might be open portal to other dimensions.

Curse, bad energy, meeting point of two worlds, a mysterious gateway to another dimension of danger. These words characterize several dozen places on the planet that are emblazoned with legends, speculation and conjecture. People with common sense them far circumvented for thousands of years. Many of the more adventurous and trúfalejších who decided

Ignore warning remained terrified, died mysteriously, disappeared for good or ill. Special places spread all over the world are so dangerous that in them dared to go really only a few adventurers who do not believe the legends, but no theories archaeoastronautics that we have visited extraterrestrial beings who help us create history and are also responsible for in dangerous places on earth. Let’s take a skeptical these brave look for places that deserve at least respect.