New Discovery – From the Tomb of Tutankhamun Bracelet?

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New Discovery – from the tomb of Tutankhamun bracelet
New archaeological discoveries can be the result not only of careful research into what has been found within the literature and artifacts of ancient civilizations, but also of equally careful research into what has been lost and not found.

The discovery of this bracelet with its complex clockwork mechanism is exciting not only for its combination of art and technology , but also because it demonstrates that such technology existed well before what has been considered the earliest clockwork device. The Antikythera mechanism [4] has been dated to 150 BCE, and this bracelet of King Tutankhamen predates it by about 1200 years.

This should not be so surprising – the level of technology, art, and science of the Egyptian New Kingdom was close if not equal to that of the ancient Greeks who produced the Antikythera. Is it any wonder that such a civilization could produce instruments and machines of equal sophistication?

Dagger of Tutankhamun is an alien!
X-rays confirmed what scientists have only quietly whispered: Dagger of Tutankhamun is an alien!
A weapon with a gold handle lying alongside the mummified body of the sovereign.

It seems that the mysteries and discoveries related to Tutankhamun’s never been silenced.
A team of scientists from the University of Cairo and Pisa recently shocked to discover that dagger, which he found in his tomb, not from our planet. More specifically, the material from it. The shocking findings came after the subject of study and discovered that the material of the blade comprises a number of nickel and cobalt.
X-rays confirmed that the material originates from a meteorite, similar to that found in 2000 near Egypt.
Material from daggers coincides with the meteorite material Kharga, which they found

Medallion found in ancient Egyptian tomb.

Medallion found in ancient Egyptian tomb.The Egyptian pharoahs have elongated skulls, as found in Paracas. Some figures have “alien like” features. One theory is that an “alien like” being and a possible space craft are at the top to represent alien rule /leadership over the Egyptians in ancient times.

The Egyptian pharoahs have elongated skulls, as found in Paracas.