NEW VIDEO: A shining UFO registered in Slovakia. 5.10.13 August. 2018.

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A Slovak citizen has documented a mysterious glowing object floating in the sky on the film. The author of the recording claims that he witnessed an absolutely unprecedented phenomenon, which is why he made available his video on the web to learn about alternative opinions about what he saw.

Common sense suggests that the figure seen in the film is just the sun. However, it is worth considering the rather unusual shape of this object, which resembles a geometric figure, in this case a diamond. Almost immediately, there were voices that this luminous object is a plane or other civilian flying vehicle, but the way it moves in the sky seems to exclude it.

The quality of the video leaves a bit to be desired, and the effect of a shaky hand never helps in a reliable assessment of this type of phenomena. If it were not for the huge light emission visible on the film, this unidentified object could be considered a civilian drone that flew behind the tree recorded by the witness. However, if we are actually dealing with an unidentified flying object, then the amount of light generated by this flying saucer is at least puzzling.