Alien Messages – Tesla described the event as: “one planet greeting another.

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Colorado springs, colorado, Nikola tesla, One of the pioneers of modern electricity Tests a device he hopes will harness the power of lightning Produced by a thunderstorm.
[thunder] The machine is receiving radio signals as he tracks the storm, In an attempt to better understand weather patterns.

Suddenly, a bizarre series of signals are received By tesla’s machine.
Allegedly, the signals Are no longer static-covered blips.
Two voices speaking in a strange language Become audible.
Tesla described the event as: “one planet greeting another.
” at the time of tesla’s Signal interception, the world was no stranger To ufo activity.
In 1896, there was a rash Of reported sightings in the los angeles area.
this happened years before lax was ever a dream.
Human flight had not even taken place yet.

Have looked to the heavens and studied nature In an effort to understand our place in the universe.
But one elusive question remains Are we alone? people have seen ufos.
People have even seen extraterrestrials.
But to communicate with an alien, That would ultimately be the key to unlocking The secrets of life in the universe.

some believe we have been receiving extraterrestrial Messages for millennia.
Recent evidence may reveal Signs of alien life attempting to communicate.
Are they good will ambassadors, or masters of war? And are we even capable of understanding? Join us, as we expose what may be the most devastating Alien messages for all mankind, on “unsealed alien files.

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