NAZI UFO 1935-1945. part 5. Russian Documentary: , ‘Third Reich – Operation UFO

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During World War II, flying plates were developed. This fact is really incredible, although research has probably never achieved the desired results.

The documentary investigates the rumors of a Top-secret Nazi base in the Antarctica codenamed ‘Base 211’, the possible truth behind the 1947 UFO attack on Admiral Byrd’s ‘Operation Highjump’expedition, along with the occult roots of the Third Reich. Never before seen Nazi technology was also revealed, like anti-gravity engines, flying saucers and technologies recovered from the fabled Atlantis. The film further dwelves into the connections between the Germanic secret societies and the Nazi Regime. Societies involved in the film include the ‘Thule Society’, ‘Vril Society’, and the ‘Ahnenerbe’.

The film further connects Base 211 and the pre-war Nazi interests in Antarctica and the formation of ‘New Swabia’.

The geologic structure and physics of the region are also explored to give credence to the possibility of the existence of Base 211. Testimonies from German U-Boat submarine commanders are used as supporting evidence for the documentary and the film also gives some answers to the alleged vanishing of thousands upon thousands of Nazi scientists and engineers at the end of the war. This personnel was missing from all known current records, from both Vatican and Odessa ‘rat lines’, and absent from the manifests in the American ‘Operation Paperclip.’