Two Exclusive Videos: Military Aircraft and UFOs!

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How likely is it that UFO’s are indeed just secret military aircraft?
When all the evidence is compiled and what facts we know are brought forth, could all these UFO sighting really just be a catagory of military technology that is so secret that only a handful of top officals truely know about it?

We all know the Goverment has decieved the public time after time,in fact they tend to cover the truth with rumors on top of rumors then a few far fetched tales to confuse the public even more. Could the UFO phenomenon really just be th ultimate cover story for one of the most secret operations.

The presidents of the United states most likely have very little information into these operations, as it would give the the deniablity when asked questions. Think about this, top generals of the military hold there position for years longer than a president can be in office so who really controls what is happening, and what secrets can be withheld.

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