Archive video of extraterrestrial beings.


Current science claims that myths and legends are invented. They have been invented by people trying to explain natural phenomena. There is very much of them, and no nation is without them. – But remember that many do not relate to explanations of natural phenomena!

They usually include a record of encounters with higher beings. -This either helps people in a faraway situation, or they represent our creators and teachers. -They bring “new learning” and want to “tell us something.” -Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Indian, Indian and other myths are proof.

A few people said, “What if it’s not invented, but it’s alien visits?” -Smartfully “supernormal” abilities would then be expressions of using their technically superior means. Creating the first people by experimenting with their genetic science. They tried to occupy the planet Earth, which they had previously seen in the universe. -Zecharia Sitchin writes about Annunakoch from Sumerian beauties and Erich von Däniken about flying machines from wall paintings of Indians and Egyptians.

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