Video: There are countless mysterious artifacts:Truth About the “Mobile Phone 800 Years Old”?

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What Is the Truth :Truth About the “Mobile Phone 800 Years Old”?There are countless mysterious artifacts that sit at some table with the best experts trying to decipher them. From time to time we get a glimpse of some of the weirdest old objects that sometimes just seem just ridiculous to exist. We have seen ancient artifacts that even resemble today’s objects or machines, such as airplanes or spaceships

But one of them has unleashed the controversy of its authenticity is the famous “cell phone” 800 years old. This mysterious object was found in Austria and strangely resembles a cell phone “today”. The buttons and the display are aligned exactly the same as an old Nokia cell phone. The numerical keys have ancient Mesopotamian writings known as “cuneiform writing”.

Many conspirators, UFO hunters, websites and YouTube channels have shared their views regarding the old mobile object. However, recently, the true origin of the “800-year-old cell phone” was finally revealed. The piece of clay is real. Watch the video to know more!

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