According to messages in the Bible, the end of the world would start before the year 2021

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It’s highly probable that the apocalypse occur very soon, but Jesus will return to Earth shortly thereafter. According to the decryption of biblical passages, the world will probably end on or before 2021 and Jesus will return to Earth until the year 2029 – after the Apocalypse.

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The signs of the end of the world we can primary find in the John’s book of Revelation.

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But also in the Matthew’s gospel – Mt 24:3-31 (and in the other sinoptics). A lot of these signs are already appearing.


Another fact is playing in our cause. The exact date of Jesus Christ’s birth is a very debated issue. The Jewish historian Josephus Flavius noted that the king Herod the Great died in Spring of 4. B.C. The command of killing the all babies in Bethlehem had been ordered between the years 7 – 4 B.C.

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Herold the Great

The time from Jesus’ death to his arrival can take exactly 2,000 years.

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