Tablet of Hermes – Emerald plate and its secrets and Crop Circles.

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According to the legend, the Egyptian god Thoth engraved the emblem of the greatest mystery of heaven and earth, the foundation of all spiritual truths and laws, the root of the mystical journey, the key to divine knowledge, and at the same time the key to salvation.

God Thoth means as much as in Christianity the Holy Ghost, and the same is the Greek god Hermes and the Roman god Mercury. According to the report, Thoth said at the beginning of the mathematical word and created the world and everything that happens.

Thoth gave birth to himself and he was the master of earth, air, sea and sky. He was the scribe of the other gods and the inventor of all arts and all sciences.

“True, without lies, it is certainly equal to what is below, what is above, and what
s above is equal to what is below, and that can be achieved and done with one thing all miraculous. Like all things, they were created by one thing, by the will and by the order of the one who invented everything: so all things now come from the one thing and the order of nature.

The Father is the sun, and his mother is the moon. The air carries it as if it were in its womb, its breadwinner, or the nursing land. This thing is the origin of all perfection in the world. Its power is the most perfect when it turns again into the earth. So separate the earth from the fire and everything fine or sparse from dense or rough, gently and lovingly with great reason and modesty. And it will come out of the earth to heaven and from there to the earth, and then it will receive the power of the upper and the lower.


That’s how you get the glory of the whole world. Therefore, let all unreason and impotence go away from you. I.e. the strongest force of all power: For it overcomes all the fine things, and it can penetrate every thing firm and hard. This is how the world was created, and there will be a special connection to it, and many miracles can be made to carry it out.

That’s why I was called Herm Trismegist, because I have three parts of the wisdom of the whole world. This is to be said about the masterpiece of chemical art. ”