Video: The content of the alien in the Box on October 5, 1948, near Clarkville, Kentucky.

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The content of the alien in the Box is supposedly part of the wreckage recovered by Sergeant Lyan Macdersen, on October 5, 1948, near Clarkville, Kentucky.

All the recovered material was brought and stored in the Wright Patterson Air Force Base. The ship found in the impact site was associated with UFO observed by several witnesses on May 22 and September 27, 1948 near Hargensfield, New Jersey, and later slaughtered by order of Lieutenant Colonel Nathan F. Twining.

At the time Lieutenant Colonel Nathan F. Twining was Chief Command of the US Air Force Material and regarded very seriously the UFO subject. Is he authored the famous secret memorandum, dated September 23, 1947 on flying saucers – that is, two months after the Roswell – which tacitly claimed their superiors in Government: – “The reported phenomenon is something real and not something visionary or fiction. “intact body of an alleged extraterrestrial humanoid in a state of mummification, dressed in a material protective clothing unidentified.

disk fragment, containing nine symbols observed in the event gray REF: (encoded)
Artifact unidentified described as transmitter and repeater high sound pulses at the time of redemption. The sound was recorded on site by Air Force Colonel REF: (encoded).