VIDEOS: Mummified fairy found in Glasgow.Scotland UK.

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VIDEO circulating around the internet shows the remains of an 8-inch mummified fairy
Do you believe that there fairies living at the bottom of your garden? A recent discovery a few years back suggested that they probably did a long time ago. What looked like the petrified corpse of Tinkerbell was discovered in the Glasgow.Scotland UK.

The mummified fairy was 8-inch in size, complete with wings, skin, teeth and flowing red hair and was said to have been examined by archaeologists and forensic experts who confirmed its authenticity.

According to the grapevine, x-rays taken of the fairy revealed a skeleton anatomically similar to that of a child, with the exception of the bone density. The bones were hollow like a bird’s, making them particularly light and allowing them to fly. The presence of a naval could be hypothesized that fairies actually reproduce the same way humans do, however it is uncertain how, as the remains were bereft of reproductive organs.