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The Great Floating City that Appeared in Nigeria…
City of New Jerusalem Photographed by NASAs Hubble Space Telescope!
Mysterious Cities Began to Appear in the Sky All Over the World what Is It?

Since ancient times there are stories about strange beings who appear from nowhere in our skies from spacecraft.
These mythological ships were known as Vimana, a word with multiple meanings such as “Star Temple” or “Palace of flying machines”. In addition to having the ability to move within the Earth’s atmosphere, Vimanas could also travel into space. According to the writings, Vimanas had different shapes and sizes, and with two or more engines, sophisticated flying machines equipped with deadly weapons, and although they were used to transport, its main purpose was war.

Some Vimanas had saucer-shaped while others were shaped cigar. But you also have written that represent as large floating cities. But beyond the writings, in 2011 there was a possible sighting of one of these floating cities in Nigeria. According hundreds of residents of the small border town of Dulali in Darazo, Nigeria, claimed to see a large “flying city” coming down from heaven.

The floating city of Dulali
Mysterious cities began to appear in the sky all over the world what is itFatamorgana
One, Saidu Meshai Dulali eyewitnesses who works daily preparing tea, coffee and hot chocolate drinks for the locals, told reporters in a Nigerian newspaper saw the light in the sky after the prayer morning at the local mosque while preparing to begin their daily work. Saidu and hundreds of other residents, including the Imam of the local mosque, Mallam Shehu Liman, saw a bright light from the sky and towards the people.

“He came out of nowhere a huge cloud-like mass and flying slowly on the right at the height of a tree people,” said Saidu. “The cloud was clear and saw beautiful tall buildings inside. It was like a flying city. And she could hear the sound of machines that made noise, as if it were the cement factory Ashaka. “
Dauda Mohammed, a local farmer, also saw the gigantic object while working in their fields. He said when he realized his presence in heaven, was more surprised than scared. He also said he saw the buildings of the “floating city”, which was shrouded in clouds.

Even a 10-year-old Ibrahim, said he saw the “UFO”. The young man was obviously confused about what he was seeing, and the first thing he thought was that it was a great UFO passing through the trees. When reporters asked locals their opinion about what they saw, they said that it was the work of God, because of their religious beliefs. The Imam of the village, Mallam Shehu Liman, confirmed the sighting, although he attributed to “Allah” and the “Djinn”, a reference to the spirits in the Islamic and Arab folklore.

“We believe that perhaps God used those sightings for us to open our eyes and see how the Djinn live in their own world,” said Liman. “Allah is great, and there is nothing they can not do on earth. Exactly two weeks after it appeared in our village, the flying object back again, and stood in the sky wandering over the town for nearly an hour before disappearing. We are pleased because it shows that we are a special people; other surrounding cities have not even had this privilege. “

There were other residents who claimed that the “floating city” was actually an alien ship or flying saucer. But from a cultural perspective of almost all residents Dulali, the city from heaven somehow a way recalled the passage “Revelation 21: 2″.
“And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.”
Of course, no one would have believed the story if that mysterious object had been sighted by one person. But the media reported the sighting is why an entire people made sure to see the “flying city” descended from heaven.

“We believe it is a sign that something big this happen in that small town,” said Yau Kaugama, a politician from the local government. “Something like a great invention, it will affect the lives of all mankind.”
However, the expert photographer Brian Engler believes that the “floating city” could have been a mirage.

“This seems like a kind of mirage, though I have no idea if the weather conditions at the time and place would have supported that,” said Brian. “There are cases where people talk about” pie in the sky “, which is very similar to what these people describe. In any case it is very interesting. “

But the highlight of this amazing story is that many local residents have no electricity, no mobile phones or Internet, therefore, are not “manipulated” by the outside world.

Clearly, such a history has opened a wide debate across the Internet, where some argue that it was simply a mirage, but others believe it was a real sighting. What actually saw residents Dulali? This news was published in a local newspaper in the city of Nigeria