Omega Classification: The Greatest Secret of the Vatican Is Nibiru (Videos)

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A few years ago, an Italian freelance journalist and UFO researcher published explosive information about one of the secrets of the Secret of Omega, one of the greatest secrets of the Vatican. The information came from one of the Jesuits from the Secret Service of the Vatican S.I.V. (Servizio Informazioni del Vaticano). There has been a lot of effort recently to make the subject difficult and end up with the “conspiracy theory” sticker. Google even thinks that information about the Vatican’s knowledge of Nibiru will be removed from its search results.

In 2001, Cristofor Barbat, with the Jesuit, was interviewed in Rome, which portrayed all of his information on the planet Nibiru. It was a satellite named Siloe, secretly launched in 1995. The probe was meant to record all the objects that are coming closer to our Solar System, more precisely Earth. The data from Siloe was received by secret radio telescope in Alaska, operated by Tovarystva Jesus (Jesuits).

Cristoforo Barbato
To establish S.I.V. in connection with the meeting of the former US President, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and then the Bishop of Los Angeles, James Francis McIntyre, with an extraterrestrial delegation in 1945 at the base of the Muroc Air Field Base (today’s Edwards Air Base). After this incredible experience, McIntyre flew to Rome immediately to inform Pope Pius XII. about aliens and their cooperation with the US government.

Via S.I.V. a few years later the direct contact of the Vatican with the extraterrestrial race, now called “Nordics”, comes from the Pleiades cluster. Nordici warned humanity against another race of aliens who met with the Americans in the desert of California (Greyhounds, Grays). According to the Jesuits, meetings with the Nordics took place mainly in the US, but at least twice in the Vatican, Vatican Gardens, near the Papal Academy of Sciences. “Secret Omega” has become the most unsettled matter of the Vatican. This level of secrecy is at the same level as NATO’s “Cosmic Top Secret”. The Nordic Vatican also drew attention to the fact that the planet Nibiru is inhabited by a warlike extraterrestrial race.

Cristoforo Barbato received proof in the form of a two-minute Siloe video. There is a planet with a dense atmosphere, which should be the planet “X”, or Nibiru. The video is in the Vatican under Secret Degrees Omega. In 1955, this planet was still outside the Solar System, near Neptune’s orbit. The IRAS telescope recorded in 1983 a red dwarf named M6V 11825 and found to be moving in the direction of the Earth. To avoid panic, the issue has been “erased” from the media.

Officially, the Vatican’s existence of S.I.V. he was still denied, but Barbat was able to find out that the Jesuit with whom he had spoken belonged to the Colonels of the Holy See. But he had to protect his identity and hence does not name a name anywhere. This Jesuit is a member of a group within the Church that does not agree with the policy of concealing potential problems with the planet Nibiru. Nibiru could become a real threat to our entire civilization.

he Jesuit told Barbat that the Sileo was built by Lockheed Martin at the beginning of the 90′s and was equipped with a powerful infrared camera and electromagnetic impulse drive. The assembly took place in Area 51 in Nevada, and Siloe was then secretly conveyed to space by a spacecraft of the Aurora class. It was probably one of the TR3B-type triangular ships often observed. Using the impulse drive, the probe has reached the boundary of our solar system.

ed dwarf – about Nibiru?
In October 1995 Siloe sent her data back to her return route, when she was already near the Earth. On the margins, it should be noted that the Jesuits have many observatories around the world under their authority. Barbato eventually published the interview.
Barbato (B): How did you become a member of S.I.V. (Servizio Informazzioni del Vaticano)?

Jesuit (J): S.I.V. consists of several different parts that are in some way connected with the Church. The members of the Communion of Jesus and the Benedictines are mainly in it. There are more than 100 members in total. Some of them come from political and humanitarian organizations connected to the Holy See in Rome. They are selected according to certain criteria and are subject to a specific admission procedure. They are secretly watched and hidden. One could say that each of them has his personal angel guardian or mentor.

B: Could you tell us more about S.I.V.? What was the reason for its foundation and when is it active?
J: “Structure of S.I.V. is subject to strict secrecy, works like the CIA. It has no official address and headquarters is transposed from time to time. Founded in February 1954, after meeting with aliens in the United States. The meeting took place at the base of Muroc Airfield, now called Edwards Air Base. This meeting, which included US President Dwight D. Eisenhower and Bishop James Francis McIntyre, was filmed with three 16mm cameras in color. There is a 20-minute film on seven coils of 30 meters in length.

At the end of the meeting, each participant had to take an oath of confidentiality – both about the meeting and the content of the interviews with the aliens. Bishop McIntyre, however, did not keep the oath, and several days later he reported on the Pope’s event.

The US government has tried to prevent McIntyre from leaving for Rome. One of the government officials of the bishop contacted him before departure and attempted to convince him of the need for Rome to disclose the encounter in the interest of national security. This man explained to McIntyre that the United States Air Force has been dealing with aliens for many years and is worried about the Vatican’s infiltration by Soviet agents. The Bishop’s official explicitly warned the Pope not to report the incident, as this could lead to big problems in the future. It was explained to the Bishop that it could also be dangerous for him personally.

Two days later, Pope Pius XII received him. Bishop McIntyra in Rome. After the Pope heard a report about the secret contacts of the US Army with aliens, he thought about the information, he decided to open the secret intelligence service of the Vatican. This organization was built on the pattern of the secret military services of the Third Reich and named by S.I.V. S.I.V. was tasked with collecting all available information about alien activities and finding out what Americans know about it all. It was then very important to be able to communicate with President Eisenhower. Another task of the secret service was to assess moral, philosophical and religious aspects in this context. “

B: “Why would this information have the US Army share with the Vatican?”
J: “After the afternoon meeting with extraterrestrials at the military base, the president was shouting spiritual support. He understood that this event could change the whole history of mankind. After returning to the United States, McIntyre, along with Detroit Archbishop Edward Mooney, was the mediator between the Vatican and the President. The situation, however, changed when McIntyre and other members of the S.I.V. were directly contacted by a group of aliens from the constellation Plejád, Nordika. The connection took place without the knowledge of the US Army. Nordici warned against other extraterrestrial races that the Americans also met. Pope Pius XII. he met with Nordicky personally in the Vatican Gardens at the Papal Academy of Sciences at least twice. “

B: “One of the priests, Father Pio of Pietrelcina, talked about the existence of extraterrestrials from other worlds who achieved a high degree of development because they lived without sin. It’s true?”
J: “Undoubtedly, these beings live in a different dimension and are truly angelic in the purest sense, and yet they are of flesh and blood. They are very spiritually founded and technologically at a high level of development they still have physical bodies. Nordici argued that in the teachings of Jesus Christ they had found the true presence of God and were willing to cooperate with the Catholic Church for the welfare of all mankind. Pope Pius regarded cooperation as beneficial and Nordics as converts who found the way to Christian faith. The Church was to be transformed into “universal,” and to bring its faith to beings from other worlds. Since then, the Nordic has been a consultant in social and political issues. Later popes spoke of “angelic interference.”

Drawing Nordic aliens
Contacter George Adamski was also in contact with the Nordics and was even once admitted to Rome by the Pope. Adamski was a supporter of revealing contacts with extraterrestrials, but Rome was opposed, and he did not want the believers to learn about it. Pius’s successor, Pope John XXIII., Wanted to end the co-operation with the Nordics because he was of the opinion that the Pope should not be influenced by these beings. He justified his decision in the words of chapter 9, 38-41, Mark’s Gospel:

“John said to him,” Master, we have seen someone out of evil spirits in your name. We defended him because he is not your disciple. Jesus said, “Do not defy him! No one who does a miracle in my name can speak of me wrong. Who is not against us is with us. Whosoever shall give you a bowl of water because you are Christ, amen, I say unto you, He shall not lose his reward. “

Pope John XXIII. but he spoke publicly at the believers’ meeting on April 5, 1961: “Some voices have not been known to us until recently. These voices come down from heaven and reflect the omnipotence of God the Father. “

B: “Tell us a little more about your missions at S.I.V.”
J: “I was primarily in charge of the technical area, it was the data that radio telescopes in Alaska received and their transfer to Rome. The Jesuits run similar devices all over the world. “

One of these telescopes, the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope, the VATT – Advanced Vatican Telescope, is located on Mount Graham in Arizona. The Vatican Observatory is located at an altitude of 3,178 meters and, among other things, serves to observe and classify transnuclept objects outside of our Solar System using spectrographic analysis.

“The Alaska complex was built in the 1990s to observe unusual celestial bodies and is under strict secrecy. When we met the Nordics, we were also warning Pope Pius of a warlike alien race that inhabits a planet approaching the Earth. The data I received from the Alaska telescope was very interesting and subject to a high degree of secrecy.

During the analysis of this data, we discovered something the Siloe sent. It was a film of a huge planet approaching our solar system. It was in October 1995. And then I got into trouble. I found out that I actually did not have the right to decrypt this data, and it got me into a dangerous situation. At that time, the Vatican was split into two factions, both trying to control information that was highly secret. “

J: “Their kenne die wichtigsten Aspekte von Sitchins Arbeit. Die Auswirkungen des
Papst Johannes Paul II. war ein Verfechter der Offenlegung dieser Geschehnisse. Er wurde von der anderen mächtigen Gruppe im Vatikan daran gehindert. Diese andre Gruppe sett sich aus Leuten zusammen, die auch Mitglieder in mächtigen okkulten Vereinigungen sind. Sie kontrollieren beispielsweise den weltweiten Ölhandel und blockieren von Freigabe irgendwelcher freien Energiequellen. Deshalb wollen sie auch nicht, dass Wissen über UFOs und Außerirdische öffentlich wird. “

B: This reminds me of the theory, Zachari Sitchin. He also talked about the return of the planet Nibiru. Are you familiar with them? How did you actually get access to this information?

J: “Yes, I know the most important work of Sitchin. The effect of the penetration of this planet will be observable from 2004 and its effects on the Solar System and the Earth will increase. I have been scrutinized for information at the Omega level of secrecy, the highest level of the Vatican. It is graded further, there are grades Omega I – III. Level I is the highest. I also had new members of S.I.V. train them and communicate them with communication systems. One of the fractions of S.I.V. seeks to publish information, and it concerns all living beings on Earth, no one should be excluded from it. We live in a very extraordinary period of human history that is connected to the Apocalypse with certain key moments. The Pope knows how close these events are … “

Pope John Paul II. was a supporter of publication, but was prevented from doing so by a very influential grouping in the Vatican that consists of people who are also members of powerful occult societies. These people control the world trade for oil, for example, and block any information about free energy sources. And for these reasons, they were not in favor of publishing information on UFOs and aliens!