VIDEO: Crop circles and the music of the spheres – crop circles created sound?

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In connection with crop circles generally I encounter three questions: Why are most occur in southern England? How formed? Who or what is their author?

From a purely physical standpoint, the apparent condition of their more frequent formation of strong magnetic fields generated by bearings with paramagnetic (+) and diamagnetic (-) elements, and not just ferromagnetism-bound iron. Of these magnetic properties of elements already coming Rudolf Steiner even when used psychoenergetic own terminology: strongly paramagnetic (+) Calcium property described as “concupiscence”, while the diamagnetic silicon spoke of “devotion”.

In addition to the areas in the US Great Plains, the Mexican Yucatan and southern England there are in the world, no other place with such strong magnetic fields that are created by the interaction of a high concentration of paramagnetic calcium in chalk bedrock and large stocks lower diamagnetic water. In southern England they are also magnetic fields of these nodes, ie the places where crosses para- and diamagnetic lines connected to the Earth’s surface, and this megalithic acupuncture diamagnetic silicon, which is abundantly found in the Neolithic sanctuaries such as Avebury and Stonehenge. This also saw the interconnection of the resultant magnetic fields on the surface of the earth with paramagnetic – and in the Cretaceous “white horses” with a diamagnetic – planets, creating the necessary conditions for the agricultural revolution of the Neolithic: incredibly rapid development of grain grasses.