In our system there are two suns? NASA hides a secret? Two suns video was taken on the 13th of January at 8:48am. 2018 in London.

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Renowned astronomer Paul Cox launched a real bomb into the world. The expert says that it does not matter in our solar system, but just two suns. Only ordinary mortals have no pair.

The testimony of the astronomer sent all supporters of conspiracy theories into the propeller, and they are already spinning the brain threads. Cox came up with a courageous statement when he commented on Mercury’s passage through the Sun.

At one moment, the astronomer only shows the audience where Mercury is, and then he just asks by the way: “Maybe you say what the big round thing is to the right of the Sun.This is our second Sun,” the astronomer shocked the whole world.

“I do not know if you suspected we had a second Sun, but it’s here. Normally, NASA and other organizations keep it in front of us and do not tell us the truth,” Cox said.
And the conspirators from all over the world can go mad. Especially because the words came out of the mouth of the respected astronomer and not a self-appointed space expert.

The Day Two Suns Rose Over Glasgow in 1683

On Friday 18 May, 1683, two suns rose over Glasgow. According to Robert Law:
‘May 18, 1683, does in the morning appear two suns; the paraelii, and an[e] rainbow seen by severalls at Glasgow the said morning, towards our zenith’. (Law, Memorialls, 247.)