Egyptian Pharaohs Were Extraterrestrial Origin and Were Giants

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The latest new genetic studies suggests that a lineage of Egyptian pharaohs were subjected to wilful genetic manipulation by a technologically advanced Alien civilization – this could very well be the truth that this planet needs in confirming that designers and builders of the impressive pyramids had a very strong connection with ET beings that originated elsewhere in the universe, far far away!

This could be a major game changer for the human race – although the media appear intriguingly silent about this INCREDIBLE discovery!?

It was a gentleman called ‘Stuart Fleischmann’, who is the Assistant Professor of Comparative Genomics at the Swiss University in Cairo and his team who have recently published the results of a long 7-year study that mapped the genomes of 9 ancient Egyptian Pharaohs. If proven correct, their findings could potentially change the world’s history books forever and our understanding of our place in the Universe!