Planet Earth on the Move. Ocean Receding events.

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In all cases, the news articles talk about historical events that never happened before.

I noticed recent recedings just before or after Major EarthQuakes in the Mid and South America region around the 2017 Mexico EQ and the 2018 various 6+ EQ’s, usually on a big distance from the EarthQuake but most likely related to the same Continental Plate Movement(s).

Few days ago, a receding on the East Coast of India while 5+ and 6+ heavy EQ’s these days occurred in the Indian Ridge, Indonesia and further away on the Japanese and Taiwan Islands.

Unknown sounds have already been captured in various world scenes These may be associated with atmospheric changes or low frequency acoustic emissions in the range of 20 and 100 Hz, modulated by ultra-low infrared waves of 0.1-15 Hz. The causes of their occurrence are different: earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, storms, artificial interventions into the atmosphere or the earth’s mantle … Something very strange is going on in recent years in the atmosphere on the planet Whether it comes to aliens, changes in the earth’s core or CHEMTRAILS, HAARP? People all around the world take photos of this strange phenomena. Why are they appear and what is the meaning of them? What is going on? Can it affect a human evolution? What do you think about that? Watch the video and judge for yourself.