VIDEO: At the Village Collapsed Mysterious Orb! From around the world are reported crashes these mysterious balls from heaven.

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And unexpected event caused quite a stir. One village from the sky fell a mysterious metal ball and some residents believe that it is linked with aliens. Of course others have managed to eventually panic and express their concerns about the end of the world.

Nearly 20 villagers Mendes helped the metal ball from the soil. After examination they found that it is hollow inside and hides any liquid. After enlargement report, the mysterious object has issued about 2,000 onlookers.

“Subject literally woke uproar. Some people began to worry that this is evidence coming end of the world. Others have again referred to the aliens.

Hollow sphere but did not stay long in the hands of villagers. Soon appeared Army police who seized the subject and gave no details except that “the airborne object has a specific structure to attract the attention of scientists.”

Fliyng saucer UFO releases metalick spheres

Fliyng saucer UFO releases metalick spheresMysterious balls, falling out of the sky from where they come from?

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