Scientists took pictures of DEATH. It is pale blue and looks nice.

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One of the last unknown boundaries in today’s perfectly explored world is death. British biologists went after her … Death is pale blue

British biologists watched what dying looks like. They watched the experimental worm. At the moment of death, individual cells will die. It triggers a chemical chain reaction that leads to breakdown of cell relationships and even faster extinction of the organism.

A study published in the journal PLoS Biology explains that blue radiation is caused by necrosis that destroys calcium in the body. The study was led by Professor David Gems of University College London. To the British press he described his discovery as follows: “We have identified the paths that spread death. It is a way for cells to inform each other that the body is no longer alive. It’s like a blue Death: Blue light goes down in the footsteps of death until all the traces of life disappear … ”

On the trail of immortality?
This research already has very interesting applications that can lead to unexpected results. Physicians have been able to block the information carriers – stopping death. The rest of the body did not get the information that he was dying and the worm lived on. “We have succeeded in delaying death for some time, for example, from an infection, but it did not work at a very old age,” explains Dr. Gems.

According to this research, death “from age” from other ways of death is different. Apparently, he runs down several mechanisms of dying at the same time. The process of dying works according to Gems research as well as in worms and mammals.