VIDEOS: A cosmic event that only happens every 35,000 years: July 27, 2018, the planet Mars will be as big as the Moon


7 085 ViewsSomething strange is happening with the sun, moon and stars. Is this Bible prophecy being fulfilled? Two moons in the sky on July 27! The next time this cosmic event will happen again, will be 36,996 ……Share this information as much as possible with your frie

Moon Is Hollow (Videos)


9 586 ViewsIn November 1969, NASA prepared seismometers and then deliberately let the lunar module on the Moon surface, which caused an impact of one tonne TNT. It caused the shock waves, and NASA scientists said the moon was “ringing like a bell”. Maurice Ewing, co-director of the seismic experiment, told this news conference: “As far [&helli