“Floating stones found on Mars? Even NASA scientists feel unusual!

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A strange ‘levitating’ rock has been found on Mars which is the “remnants of an alien aircraft or spacecraft of long ago”, according to a UFO hunter
What is the origin of this stone? Naturally formed or artificial? It’s quite strange to look at. Recently, eye-catching UFO fans have found this seemingly unusual Mars photo from NASA’s file.

This photo was taken by NASA’s Spirit Mars Rover on Earth Time, May 2, 2005 (Sol 472) at 01:52 UTC. The strange appearance, color, and posture that floats above the ground make some explorers Unbelievable, not only caused the suspicion of alien hunters, but even NASA scientists let the Spirit Mars rover use a filter to analyze it carefully.

The shape of the stone is close to a rectangle, casting a shadow on the surface of Mars, causing some conspiracy theorists to think that it floats on the ground. Researcher Scott C. Waring said: “There is a rectangular shadow below the thick rectangular rock. The surface is about 10-12 inches… just hovering there. This shows that it may be some kind of ancient technology…not just a rock, even if the rest of the spacecraft is no longer there, it is still full of energy, still floating, maybe a long time The wreckage of an alien spacecraft or spacecraft.”

However, the skeptics think that this is just a stone, and the part that supports the stone may be in the shadow.