Full Eclipse of the Moon, 27. July 2018: the longest lasting eclipse in 21st Century – 103 minutes.

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The red-brown moon will appear in the sky this year for the second time. But the first, on January 31, 2018, was particularly visible in Australia, Asia, Alaska and Siberia, this time we can also enjoy it in our country in Europe.

Some places on Earth will see full eclipses, while other areas will see the Moon coming out or falling down during the excitement. The whole eclipse will be seen over East Africa and Central Asia, coming to see it over South America, West Africa and Europe and falling over East Asia and Australia. In Slovakia it will be possible to observe the beginning of the eclipse at 21:30, the maximum eclipse at 22:21. and ending full eclipse by 23:13. The event will also be observable with the naked eye, but of course, you can see it through the binoculars. We will hope for a clear weather.