PHOTO and VIDEO: Possible Wormhole Or Alien Ship Caught Near The Sun?

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A huge object was captured by the SOHO helioferous probe and materialized near the Sun. The mysterious object was visible for a short time near our star and nobody knows what it could be.

In the raw movie the object seems to appear briefly, but in real time the object was visible for about 30 minutes and as you can see in the still image not processed, it seems to be translucent almost invisible or perhaps it was using a device of concealment of some gender.

Since the object was probably using a cloaking device, the researcher who calls himself Paranormal Crucible has had to improve and color the object, but nothing has been altered or changed. “It’s all there in the raw data and I think this is further proof that exotic alien vehicles are visiting our Sun,” says Paranormal Crucible. “However I am still not sure what this object could be, it is possible that it is a huge extraterrestrial ship, a cosmic aircraft carrier if you like to think this way … that creates wormholes or portals for other smaller boats to cross the universe, or perhaps it is a huge high-tech capacitor of some kind, and the huge opening or door is an energy collector, possibly collecting and storing gas or electricity “, Said Paranormal Crucible.


Certainly from NASA we will never have news that speaks of the alien presence in the cosmos, but with the enormous increase in sightings of huge objects around our sun, we can be sure that something incredible and mystifying is happening about our nearest star, the the only question is why.