VIDEO: Mythical creatures! Skeletons puzzling creatures. Creatures they really lived?

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World folklore is inhabited by a large number of amazing, fantastic animals. In different cultures, it shall be assigned incredible qualities or abilities. Despite the diversity and otherness, all mythical creatures have different assessment – there is no scientific evidence of their existence in real life.

That did not stop writers roads, he talked about animal life of the planet, where real facts connected with fiction, tales and legends. Most of them are described in the papers in biology this is called “Bestiary mythical creatures.”

Surrounding countryside with a disaster, it is often not always clear phenomena, it was scary. Can not find an explanation, or some logic to understand the chain of events, a man interpret a particular incident. To help was called mythical creatures, guilty in the eyes of the people, what is happening.

In the old days the forces of nature stood on the highest pedestal. Faith in them was unconditional. Ancient mythical creatures serve God. They worshiped, sacrificed in gratitude for a good harvest successful hunt successful outcome of business. To get out and insult, mythical creature feared.

But there is another theory their appearance. The likelihood of cohabitation several parallel worlds to recognize some scholars rely on probability theory, Einstein. There is an assumption that all of these wonderful individuals does not really exist, just not in our reality.