VIDEO: Mummy extraterrestrial found in the Egyptian tomb.

Mummy found in Egypt
Recently found the mummy is well preserved creature was embalmed very carefully and was buried in one of the ancient pyramids, the creature who was found 5 feet between 160 150 cm long has been found by archaeological research team led by archaeologist Czechoslovak and a retired professor Pennsylvania State University, University Victor Lubeck Viktor Lubek, during the exploration team for a small pyramid is due to the 12 family near the pyramid Senusert the Second Agon area near Fayoum

A source at the Ministry of Egyptian Antiquities he offered details and pictures of this discovery on condition of anonymity, said, “mummy dating back to about 2000 or 1880 BC, which does not resemble human and until now has not been identified on the sex of this creature, he does not have his external ears, as The almond-shaped eyes very large. “

Also, some inscriptions in the tomb indicate that the mummy is an adviser to the king and his name Osiront Osirunet, which means “star sent from heaven,” The body has been embalmed well was buried with show great respect and care, and next to the mummy was found on a number of exotic purposes that is not recognized by one according to the source, the Egyptian archaeologist found a hidden room for burial while exploring a small pyramid is located to the south of the pyramid of Senusret II was thought to have contained the mummy of Queen Pharaonic.

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