Dagger of Tutankhamun has an alien origin.


X-rays confirmed what scientists have only quietly whispered: Dagger of Tutankhamun is an alien!

A weapon with a gold handle lying alongside the mummified body of the sovereign.

It seems that the mysteries and discoveries related to Tutankhamun’s never been silenced.
A team of scientists from the University of Cairo and Pisa recently shocked to discover that dagger, which he found in his tomb, not from our planet. More specifically, the material from it. The shocking findings came after the subject of study and discovered that the material of the blade comprises a number of nickel and cobalt.

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Video: UFO and Chemtrails!


Chemtrails are a new phenomena which has struck all over the world. It seems that the government are using planes to spray populated areas with a chemical solution, which can make people very sick, but why??. Normal contrails usually dissipate very rapidly, are of relatively short length, and show variability in their formation from the engines. Chemtrails usually extend continuously and expand to transform into a cirrus type cloud layer. Apart from the repeated, intense, and unusual flight-patterns, odd illnesses will sometimes strike people shortly after these chemtrail episodes; multiple witnesses have also reported a cobweb-like substance seen falling from the sky.

You should also know that a lab-analysis of some “goo” which fell to the ground revealed the presence of biological-agents: Pseudomonas Fluorescens, Streptomyces, and a restriction enzyme used to create viruses. Further, a gentleman who has been following the contrails around the country for years had a medical test which discovered pathogens in his body — the rare V2 Grippe virus among them — pathogens that should only be found in laboratories.

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