Alien object embedded in spinal column Mystery Object Removed in Two Hour Procedure Doctors Baffled; “We Have No Idea What this is.”

1 764 ViewsWell, you know the story?. A Boise man says he suffered from back pain for years. Sometimes he had trouble walking. Sometimes he missed days at work. And once in awhile, he couldn’t even get out of bed. The doctors said this, then they said that,” complained Casey Jones. “They tried muscle relaxers, heat […]

PHOTO and VIDEO: Possible Wormhole Or Alien Ship Caught Near The Sun?

10 516 ViewsA huge object was captured by the SOHO helioferous probe and materialized near the Sun. The mysterious object was visible for a short time near our star and nobody knows what it could be. In the raw movie the object seems to appear briefly, but in real time the object was visible for about […]