Mobile phone 2,137 years ago? Archaeologists have found strange objects like iphone phones in a Russian tomb!


20 092 ViewsFor Archaeologists Pavel Lear (Pavel Leus), this unusual new discovery is no different than a modern iPhone smartphone. iPhone is a masterpiece of Apple, almost representative of a modern smartphone, from the first iPhone to the current history for only 12 years, but the mysterious water of Russian Atlantis (Russian Atlantis) is th

Madness after a “humanoid-like” object seen in the sky! In Russia and Switzerland.


37 631 ViewsYoutuber recently captured a strange “type of human body” object floating in the sky in the Swiss city of Switzerland, which caused a lot of controversy after recording a video. The filming location is in the capital ,, Switzerland, where it is located in northwest Switzerland, where the film-maker didem y closes the vi

Video: THAT THIS IS AN ALIEN A STRANGE BEING OR GNOME successfully shot on camera in a forest of Russia.


11 017 ViewsThat this alien is a strange creature or gnome successfully filmed on camera in the forest of Russia. The mysterious creature was filmed on camera in the forests of Russia on September 8, 2019.   The unknown creature was black about forty centimeters tall. a strange creature is a bit like a human head […]

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